About the Book:

It has been said that daughters are God’s revenge on fathers for the kind of men they were when they were young. Some would say that both Doug Giles and I, given our infamous pasts, are charter members of that club. However, Doug and I know that his two wonderful daughters and my equally wonderful daughter and two granddaughters are truly God’s fantastic gift.

With the wisdom of hindsight and experience Doug has written the ultimate manual for dads on raising righteous and rowdy daughters who will go out into the world well prepared- morally, physically, intellectually and with joyful hearts- to be indomitable and mighty lionesses in our cultural jungle. Through every raucous and no-holds-barred page, Doug, the incomparable Dad Drill Sergeant, puts mere men through the paces to join the ranks of the few, the proud, and the successful fathers of super daughters.

The proof of Doug Giles’ gold-plated credentials are Hannah and Regis Giles- two of the most fantastic, great hearted and accomplished young ladies I have ever known. This is THE BOOK that I will be giving the father of my two precious five and three year old granddaughters. Tiger Mom meet Lion Dad!

What this book will teach you?

RAISING RIGHTEOUS & ROWDY GIRLS is here to help fathers with daughters. In my new book, I table scores of road-tested, historically proven, can’t miss principles for raising girls with a fighting spirit, discernment, a winning attitude, and a holy vision to overcome this feces filled culture. 

You will learn in the next 150 finger-burning pages how to teach your daughters to fight, shoot guns, sense BS, be classy, despise anti-intellectualism, be visionaries, party without going Britney, the value hunting and the outdoors, the importance of traditional convictions, and how to avoid the date from hell.

Table of Content:

Introduction: The Give a Flip Factor 
Chapter 1. Strong Words for Weak Dads 
Chapter 2. Teach Your Daughter How to Fight 
Chapter 3. Teach Your Daughter How to Shoot Guns 
Chapter 4 . Teach Your Daughter How to Sense Bullshit
Chapter 5 . Teach Your Daughter How to Rebel 
Chapter 6 . Teach Your Daughter How to be Classy 
Chapter 7. Teach Your Daughter to be a Visionary 
Chapter 8. Teach Your Daughter to Despise Anti-Intellectualism 
Chapter 9. Teach Your Daughter How to Party 
Chapter 10. Teach Your Daughter How to Hunt 
Chapter 11. Teach Your Daughter How to Avoid the Date from Hell 
Chapter 12. The Ten Commandments for My Daughter’s Potential Boyfriend 
Chapter 13. An Application to Date My Daughter 
Chapter 14. About My Dad: From the Author’s Daughters

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